Company formation in the UAE within just 10 days

Price: starting from 6600 EUR
  • Forming a company remotely
  • Selecting licenses and activity types
  • Opening a corporate bank account
  • Choosing incorporation location: Free Zone or Mainland
  • Processing resident visas
  • Full legal support

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Advantages of doing business in the UAE

  • Healthy competitive environment Foreign and local business owners in the Emirates operate under equal conditions, both within and outside the country.
  • Free movement of earned capital UAE law allows foreign entrepreneurs to transfer capital freely in and out of the country without any foreign exchange controls.
  • Convenient tax regime The UAE has no personal income tax, a corporate tax rate of only 9%, and VAT rates ranging from 0% to 5%.
  • Provision of tax residency Foreigners can obtain tax residency in the UAE by living in the country for more than 183 days a year, gaining government protection against the exchange of information (CRS).
  • Security of funds The state ensures reliable protection of financial capital for foreign business owners.
  • Protection of personal data Shareholder and beneficiary data are kept in closed registers and are protected by advanced technologies.
  • International financial services Access to services of international banks, enabling various business operations.
  • Financial stability The UAE's stable economy, developed banking system, and the legislative pegging of the national currency to the U.S. dollar create ideal conditions for investing and conducting business in the country.

Business solution options in Freezone

Note: Prices and timelines are approximate and may vary depending on the type of service chosen

  • E-Commerce Business Setup Package


    up to AED 24 000

    USD 6600


    • Opportunity to own and operate an e-commerce or small business.
    • 100% ownership of the company within a Free Zone.
    • Ability to obtain a UAE license and open bank accounts.
    • Processing of Emirates ID through company setup, granting 2-year residency to establish an e-commerce business.
  • Freezone Business Setup Package Lite


    up to AED 36 500

    USD 10 000


    • Possibilities to own and operate a business with up to three additional activities.
    • Benefit from the excellent reputation of Free Zone jurisdictions.
    • 100% company ownership.
    • Opportunity to implement business projects within the UAE.
  • VIP Freezone Business Setup Package


    up to AED 62 000

    USD 17 000


    • Express medical services for expedited Emirates ID issuance.
    • Opportunity to conduct business in a free trade zone, including VAT and corporate tax registration services.
    • Comprehensive accounting services and assistance in opening a bank account.
    • Enhanced presence in the UAE with VIP privileges and a wide range of activities.

Варианты бизнес-решений в Mainland

Note: Prices and timelines are approximate and may vary depending on the type of service chosen

  • Mainland Business Setup Package


    up to AED 42 000

    USD 11 500


    Expect a processing duration of 2-4 working weeks, from the commencement of the process to the issuance of your business license and Emirates ID

    • Ability to conduct business in the UAE mainland with no restrictions on dealings with government agencies.
    • Establishment of a company with a reputable standing.
    • Registration of Emirates ID through company setup, enabling diverse business operations.
  • VIP Mainland Business Setup Package


    up to AED 64 000

    USD 17 600


    Anticipate a processing duration of 2-3 working weeks, from the initiation of the process to the issuance of your business license and Emirates ID

    • Express services for medical examination and Emirates ID processing.
    • VAT and corporate tax registration.
    • Comprehensive bookkeeping and assistance in opening a bank account.
    • Full business services in mainland UAE to ensure efficient and effective business management.

Start a company in the UAE

to reduce the tax burden on your business

  • 0% dividend tax
  • 0% income tax
  • 0% capital gains tax
  • 0-5% VAT
  • 0–9% corporate tax
  • property tax - variable rate
  • customs duties - variable rate
  • no currency control

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Basic requirements for company registration in the UAE

  • Between 1 and 50 shareholders.
  • Minimum 1 director who does not have to be a resident.
  • Local address of incorporation.
  • Filing financial statements once a year.

More about taxes in the UAE

  • 0 % tax on dividends There is no tax on dividends paid to shareholders of companies registered in the UAE.
  • 0–9 % corporate income tax Corporate income tax in the UAE is set at 9% of profits for companies with annual income exceeding AED 375,000 (approximately $102,000). Companies with lower profits are exempt from this tax. Additionally, qualifying income of legal entities registered in free zones may also be exempt.
  • 0 % personal income tax According to UAE legislation, residents of the UAE are exempt from paying income tax.
  • 0 % capital gains tax Companies incorporated in the United Arab Emirates are not subject to capital gains tax on the sale of shares or other property.
0–5 % VAT The UAE has a 5% VAT rate on domestic trade and services. However, there are certain exemptions from this tax.

Registering a company in the UAE

On the Mainland:

  • It is mandatory to involve a local service agent who will represent your business interests to the tax office and other government agencies.
  • A physical office is required, which can be either purchased or rented.
  • Commercial activities can be carried out throughout the UAE and beyond.
  • The list of permitted activities includes about 2,000 options, but only one must be selected during registration.
  • It is possible to register an LLC with 100% foreign ownership, eliminating the need for a partnership with a UAE citizen.
  • The owner and employees will receive Emirates IDs.

In a Free Economic Zone (FEZ):

  • The list of permitted activities is limited and depends on the chosen Free Zone.
  • Business operations are restricted to the selected Free Zone and outside the country.
  • Registration requires a license, which varies depending on the selected FEZ.
  • The required amount of authorized capital varies by FEZ.
  • Business registration can be completed online.
  • There is no requirement to submit audit reports.
  • The owner and employees will receive Emirates IDs.
  • There is no need for a local agent.

Comprehensive solution for starting and running a business in the UAE:

  • Tax residency registration.
  • Opening personal and corporate bank accounts.
  • Bookkeeping and company audit.
  • Obtaining Emirates ID (Residence Permit) for yourself, employees and family members.

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Steps of company formation in the UAE

  • Contacting iWorld Our corporate lawyers will guide you through the UAE company formation process and answer your questions.
  • Choosing a location to open a company Each economic zone has its own advantages and disadvantages. An iWorld corporate lawyer will help you choose a location (Mainland or Free Zone) to open a company, considering your wishes and needs.
  • Licensing In the UAE, there are different types of licenses for doing business. Our lawyer will help you find the best type of license and assist you in applying for it.
  • Registration of a legal entity The iWorld staff will prepare the package of necessary documents, including passports of the company owners, business plan, and description of the type of activity. At this stage, the dossier is prepared and submitted to the state authorities for registration of the new company.
  • Processing of Emirates ID (Residence Permit) in the UAE Once the company is incorporated, iWorld's lawyers will submit your application for a UAE residency visa. After government officials approve the request and issue you an eVisa, iWorld staff will help you apply for an Emirates ID.
  • Opening a bank account Once you have received your UAE Resident Card, you will be able to open a bank account. iWorld lawyers will assist you with the process.
Now you are ready to do business in the United Arab Emirates.

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