Privacy Policy

Last updated on March 22, 2023.

This Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as "Policy") contains information about international law firm iWorld (hereinafter referred to as "Company") handling User's personal information obtained during the User's use of website (hereinafter referred to as "Website"). The Company's work with the User's personal information includes collection, use, disclosure, transfer to third parties and storage of the User's personal information on the Website.

This Policy provides a clear definition of the conditions, situations, and ways in which the Company receives and processes User's personal information.

The Company amends this Policy from time to time, and our team strongly advises users of the Website to review this Policy periodically.

If you disagree with the current terms of this Privacy Policy, we advise you to use the Website solely for information purposes. If you agree with the terms of this Policy, our team welcomes you to the Website and believes that our web resource will be useful for you and help you choose the right product and/or become a partner of the Company.

I. General provisions

iWorld law firm controls and processes the personal information of the User of the Website, according to the provisions and laws that are directly related to the protection and retention of personal data, namely the terms of the Federal Law-Decree (UAE) No. 45 on the Protection of Personal Data and Regulation (EC) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and Council of the European Union on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free circulation of this information dated April 27, 2016.

This Policy describes how the Company handles your personal information. Personal information includes all your personal data that clearly identifies you as an individual, data about your work activities, in particular information about your use of the Website in cases where such data directly relates to data that identifies you as an individual.

After reading the current terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy, you agree and fully accept it and provide your consent to the collection, retention, and use of your personal information in accordance with the current terms of the Policy and applicable laws.

II. Provisions and principles

The company uses your personal data solely for the lawful purpose of informing individuals and signing and complying with agreements, according to the following provisions:

  • rationality and integrity in handling personal information;
  • legality and transparency;
  • limited to solving specific tasks, which are stipulated by the current conditions and signed agreements with the Users of the Website;
  • use of the minimum amount of personal information that is required to achieve the goals set by the terms of the current Policy and the signed contracts with Users;
  • protection and restriction of data storage.

This Policy is a binding part of the User Agreement, which consists of the Website Terms of Use and other Company rules and policies (hereinafter referred to as "Terms").


III. Definition of terms

For the purposes and provisions of this Privacy Policy, the terms used below are defined as follows:

"Website" is an online resource on the World Wide Web hosted at, which is a streamlined web-based digital sales platform for legal and related immigration services.

"Company", "Controller", "iWorld", "website", "web platform", "online platform", "online resource", "our/our/our", "our/our" means iWorld, LLC, which is registered under UAE law, at its registered office 302-303, Dubai Media City, Building 4, Dubai, UAE.

"User", "You, You, Your, Your" means a legal, natural or other person who is legally capable under the laws of his or her state of citizenship and who uses the Website as a Client or Partner.

"Client" means a person who uses the Website for the purpose of receiving certain immigration, legal and other related services from the Company. The Client has lawful access to the Website and its functionality via the World Wide Web.

"Site Administration" means authorized employees of the Company who have access to operate the Site and act on behalf of the Company.

"Service" means the electronic execution of a Client's request for a Company specialist, which is offered by the Website regarding the Company's services on the Website.

"Client's Personal Profile" means an individual, limited-access section of the Client on the Website, which is an aggregate of pages protected by the Website's security systems. The pages are automatically created by the Website during the Client's registration, contain the Client's personal data and have the necessary technical functionality.

"Register" - the process of performing certain actions by the Client, which are aimed at creating a Personal profile on the Website in order to gain access to its full functionality.

"Login" - a list of the Client's actions, which are aimed at logging into their Personal profile to use its functionality in order to provide or receive services. You may log in only if you have a registered Personal profile.

IV. Registration on the Website. Creating a Personal profile

The Client is not obliged to register on the Website. In order to register, the Company will collect and process your personal information so that you can confirm your identity when authorizing on the Website and thus prevent illegal access to your Personal profile.

V. Collecting and processing personal data

Some personal information may be collected automatically by the Company through the use of appropriate tracking technologies (cookies), according to this Privacy Policy. This personal data includes your IP address, the type and version of your browser and operating system, information about basic language settings, the exact date and time you used the Website, the URL from which you linked to the Website, the online pages you viewed and wanted to find. Our team can also obtain information about the duration of your visit and interaction with specific pages on the Website.

If you use a mobile device, our team will also receive information about your device and data about its basic settings and parameters, problems with the application and other system activity. When you leave an application on the Website through such a device, the Website system records the moment you perform this action and/or from which resources you have navigated to the Website or mobile application.

In addition to the information you submit to the Company yourself, our team may receive information about you from other public sources: business partners, affiliates, subsidiaries of iWorld and other affiliates of the Website and other independent third parties. Any information the Company receives from them may be combined by our team with information you provide yourself.

During the registration process on the Website, the Company may collect some personal information.

The table below shows the possible ways of collecting personal information of the Client and the list of purposes for which the Company does it:

Personal information The purpose behind collecting
Login (e-mail) To create a Personal profile and confirm the legitimacy of access to the Personal profile during authorization
Name and surname
  • To use the Website in order to get services and identify you as a Client of the Website (in case of unauthorized Clients);
  • to autofill the mandatory field during the use of the Website by authorized Clients;
  • to identify your identity and your actions when using the Website, including writing feedback or correspondence;
  • to prevent illegal access to the Client's profile;
  • to communicate directly with the administration of the Website.
E-mail and phone number
  • To confirm the legitimacy of the Client's access to Personal profile on the Website during authorization;
  • when you use the Website in order to receive the Company's services and to identify you as a Client (applies to non-authorized Clients);
  • to automatically fill in the mandatory fields while using the Website (applies to authorized Clients of the Website);
  • to provide you with necessary information about updates on the Website;
  • to provide general information support to Users (communication via phone and / or e-mail, or push messages, if using the mobile application of the Site);
  • to communicate directly with the administration of the Site.
Country of residence To analyze and determine the specifics of providing services to you in accordance with the laws of your state of residence.
Photo (at your descretion) To identify your actions and identity while writing reviews or correspondence on the Website.

The Company may also use your personal information for such purposes:

A) to learn and understand the Company's audience in order to improve service provision;

B) to prevent, recognize and investigate suspected prohibited or illegal activities, including fraud;

C) to verify and/or guarantee violations of this Privacy Policy and/or other provisions and to protect the rights and interests of the Company;

D) to send you promotional e-mails describing Company services that may be suitable for you - you can opt-out of receiving these e-mails by sending a request to our team or by clicking a specific link in the e-mail.

Cooperation between the Company and the Client is based on the Client's explicit consent to the processing of personal information in the form of signing an electronic declaration as an obligatory condition of the Client's use of the Website.

VI. Social media

Social networks are used by the Company in various ways. Our team uses these services to develop and promote the Website, popularize and improve the Company's services.

It is important to know that using social networking services may cause your personal information to be exchanged with the Company and the operator of a particular social network as described below. You have the right not to use social networks and their services.

Authorization on the Website through a social network account

You can log in to Personal profile through your account in any social network. This option of visiting myAlpari is provided by the Company in order to save you from having to create and remember another login and password.

You will only need to log in to the Personal profile once through your social network account, and then you will be able to enter the Personal profile without re-authorization. Also, if necessary, you can always disable the link between Personal profile authorization and your social network account.

Social media plugins

Special plug-ins for social networks are built into the structural program of the Site and mobile application. When you click any of the buttons in the social networks, for example "Share" on Facebook, the operator of the social network will receive certain data about you.

If, during this action, you are authorized in your social network account, the operator will be able to link your activity to your page in the social network. Also, depending on the basic settings of your account, the operator will be able to provide data about your actions on your page so that other users of the social network can see them.

Additional social media services

Our team has the ability to use other social media services, such as messengers, for your interaction with the Website to obtain Company services. The Company may have its own social media pages, and through them our team may offer users the Website's mobile application. Once you connect to the Website, the operator of any social network may allow you to share information with the Company.

If you want to share personal information from a social network with our team, the operator of the social network may inform you about the transfer of specific information. For example, it can be an e-mail address or a profile picture stored in your social network account. When you sign in to Personal profile on the Website through your social networking profile, the Website may receive this information, but only after your permission.

You can find out more about how your personal information is used directly from the social network operator, namely how it uses and processes the information it receives when you log in to your Personal profile through your social network profile. For example, the social network provider may combine your personal information they receive when you use the Website through your social network account with your information obtained from other web resources associated with your social network profile.

In case you want to link your Facebook or Google profile to the Website, we recommend that you learn how Facebook or Google uses the information obtained.

VII. Disclosure of information

The Company does not transfer certain Client's data to other companies, legal entities, organizations and private individuals, which have no relation to the Website. The exceptions are as follows.

The Company will only share your personal information with the above-mentioned third parties who are not affiliated with the Website, if our Company reasonably and in good faith believes that disclosure of your personal information is reasonably necessary to:

  • comply with any applicable law, regulation or procedure of a judicial proceeding, or a legally enforceable governmental request;
  • ensure compliance with applicable law, in particular the investigation of potential wrongdoing;
  • detect, prevent or otherwise resolve security, fraud or technical issues;
  • protect the property or safety rights of the Company, Clients or the public from harm, in accordance with applicable law;
  • facilitate the use of third party services.

If the Company is involved in a merger, purchase or sale of assets, our team will also protect any personal information of the Client and will continue to inform Website Users of potential data transfers even before personal information is transferred or becomes part of/object to another privacy policy.

Unless otherwise specified in the current version of the Website Privacy Policy, the Company will not share your personal information, in particular your first and last name, e-mail or any other information that can help identify you, with other Website Users.

VIII. Third-party services

The Website may contain hyperlinks to third party web resources, mobile applications or other online services, including social media. If you follow a particular link to one of them, we recommend that you note that these sites have their own privacy policies. The Company is not responsible for the terms of their policies and for the collection, processing, use and transfer of your personal information to third parties under their privacy policies. We advise you to carefully review their privacy policies before submitting your personal information to third party websites.

If the Company engages third-party vendors to provide certain services on the Company's behalf, such as hosting the Website or a mobile application, analytics or similar service, those third-party vendors may collect or access data about you (for example, through automatic collection of information through the use of specific tracking software). Please note that the Company and/or its service providers have the ability to retain this data and share it with third parties as necessary and in order to provide services to you by the Company.

IX. Storage, protection, security and cross-border transfer of personal data

The Company's obligations to the Client include reasonable application of all necessary measures to protect your personal information from illegal access, change, transfer and their unlawful use or destruction. The website is equipped with all mandatory security systems to protect your personal information.

The Company uses special corporate procedures to keep the confidentiality of the personal information we receive from you. Our team also uses security systems and applies technical and physical restrictions for collecting, processing and accessing personal data on the Company's servers.

Direct access to your personal information is granted only to employees of the Company and to persons who have received permission from the Administration of the Company and who participate in the work of the Site. These persons are obliged to observe strictly all confidentiality rules and to prevent illegal access of third parties to your personal information.

Please note that the servers of the Website may be located outside of your country. By submitting your personal information to the Company, you automatically grant permission for it to be transferred outside of your state for use of that information, in accordance with applicable law.

Important to know! None of the existing methods of transferring information can be completely secure. The Company does not guarantee the complete security of information in case of illegal access by third parties.

Our team is not responsible for unlawful actions of hackers, third parties, fraudsters or other potential violators of applicable law who may commit unauthorized access contrary to the provisions of this Privacy Policy and attempt to obtain all or part of your personal information and use it for their personal purposes.

Usually it takes up to 3 years from the date of your last activity or deletion of your Personal profile to process and retain your personal information. This is usually necessary to comply with current tax laws, resolve various disputes and ensure compliance with the Company's legal agreements or other legal obligations.

The Company will retain your personal information in accordance with applicable privacy laws to the extent required for the purposes of processing the information set forth in this Privacy Policy (see "Collecting and Processing Personal Information"). After the 3-year period, the Company will either destroy your Personal Information, in accordance with the Company's Personal Information Retention and Destruction Policy, or take steps to appropriately safeguard your Personal Information. The exceptions are cases where the Company is required by law to retain your personal data for much longer (e.g. for tax and legal, accounting or auditing purposes).

In Europe, personal information must generally be kept for a period of 6 to 10 years (e.g. for notices, contracts and business letters). The Company will limit the time that your information is processed instead of destroying it, e.g. by restricting access to it according to the provisions of current legislation. This applies, if the Company may need the information to comply with contractual obligations, to file or defend against legal action or if its retention is required or permitted by law. In the above cases, the duration of the restriction on the processing of personal information is directly related to the relevant statute of limitations or retention period. The information will be destroyed after the expiration of the applicable statute of limitations or retention period.

X. Personal information about children

The Company does not collect, use, transfer or disclose personal information of persons under the age of majority, in accordance with the provisions of applicable law. To fully access the Website, you must be of legal age and have full legal capacity, in accordance with the laws of the state of your citizenship.

XI. Using automated algorithms for decision making and profiling

Please be advised that the Company may use automated decision-making algorithms, including profiling. These mechanisms help the Company improve communication with Website users. For example, these automated decision-making algorithms have the ability to profile you based on your browsing history or the ads you've seen on the Website by clicking on that ad. The algorithms work to help the Company customize the ads according to your interests.



XII. Changes to the Privacy Policy

The Company has the right to make changes to the text of this Privacy Policy at any time without necessarily informing Website Users in advance.

The Company reserves the exclusive right to change the current version of the Privacy Policy at any time and at its own discretion by posting the updated version of the Policy on the domain of the Website If the User still has access to the Website and continues to use the Company's services after the above changes have been posted, the User automatically agrees to accept the terms of the updated Privacy Policy. If necessary, the Company may ask the User to confirm their acceptance of the new terms in a separate communication. Please review this Policy from time to time to see if there are any changes or updates.

XIII. Your rights

The Company provides opportunities for you to control the process of using your personal information by the Company employees. You can do this by:

  • submitting a request to receive a list of your personal information, which is stored in the database of the Website, and all information about its use by the Company;
  • sending our team a notification of any changes to your personal information, or a request for correction of certain data stored on the Website's server;
  • sending a request for deletion, blocking or limitation of your personal information or by sending a waiver regarding certain methods of use of your personal information;
  • not consenting to the automated processing of their personal data;
  • notifying the Company of its consent to the transfer of personal data to third parties;
  • if necessary, at any time revoking your consent to the processing of personal information which you have given to the Company's employees for the use of your data, according to the current legislation;
  • prohibiting the Company from using your personal data if it is processing it lawfully, in accordance with current legislation.

Our team relies on you to provide complete, accurate and correct personal information. Please notify the Company immediately of any changes or inaccuracies in your personal information.

If you have a Personal profile on the Website, you can access your basic personal information through the Website. You can add, update, or delete the information you want in the Personal profile settings. Please note that personal information is in the Company's possession. If any of your personal information, which is stored on the Company's servers, is not available on the Website, you have the opportunity to send a request for deletion free of charge.

To delete, correct, amend or access your personal data, use the opportunity to send a request to the Company's support service.

Users from European Union states have rights under Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals regarding the processing of personal information and the free movement of such data and on the repeal of Directive 95/46/EC (hereinafter General Data Protection Regulation).

XIV. Protection of personal information

According to Articles 37, 38, 39 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and Council of the European Union of 27 April 2016, as well as the Federal Decree Law (UAE) on Personal Data Protection No. 45, the Company employs a Personal Data Protection Officer who is responsible for informing the Company team about important requirements for protecting personal information, conducting audits to ensure compliance and proactively addressing potential problems. This employee also informs the Company's management about the specifics of interaction with Clients and Website Users to inform our team about how your personal information is used, your rights to delete personal data, and what measures the Company has taken to protect your personal information, etc.

If you have any questions about the provisions of this Privacy or Data Protection Policy, please contact the Company's designated Data Protection Officer immediately.

XV. Contact details

If you would like to contact the Company to give your opinion about the Company's privacy measures or ask any question about your personal data (its correction, destruction or use), you have the opportunity to send an e-mail:

XVI. Terms for individual states

The company is obligated to provide you with additional information, depending on the laws in your country of citizenship/residence. We recommend that you read the list below.

The Company processes personal data of the User from the moment of creation of the Personal profile and until its destruction by any lawful means, including personal data in information systems with or without the use of means of automation.

The period of processing and storage of personal data is 2 (two) years from the date of your last action on the Website or deletion of your Personal profile. This period is usually necessary to comply with applicable tax laws, resolve disputes, and enforce Company agreements or other legal obligations.

The Company will then delete your personal information in accordance with the provisions of its corporate policy on the retention and destruction of personal information.